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Baloo the Shepherd Mix from Damascus, MD made his presence known long before we could see him for his first lesson. Pacing, howling, frantically leaping at the end of the leash–check, check, check. Baloo had all of the hallmarks of dog reactivity.

Human or dog reactivity is one of the MOST common reasons people reach out to FluentDog for training and we are experts in addressing the root cause of reactivity so you can enjoy walks safely with your dog. Sometimes it’s fear aggression. Sometimes it’s confident aggression. Sometimes the dog is just overly happy and excited to greet other dogs or people. We work together with you to get to the bottom of the issue and we have many strategies to teach your dog that walks are a time for calm meditation and connection with their owner.

Baloo relaxing at home

Baloo was a dog who required me to use my full bag of reactivity training tricks! He needed a calm but firm approach–fair corrections for known behaviors, paired with rewards for good efforts. Luckily, his owner was extremely dedicated to helping his reactive dog and learning as much as possible about training. He even read a dog training book I recommended offhand. Owners who do their homework make my job easy!

Read the review from Baloo’s owner below:

Carla has the knowledge, resources, value and flexibility of some of the larger dog-training institutions, while still maintaining the more personal touch of a small business.

We adopted a 3-4 year old Shepherd mix from Frederick County Animal Control and at first he was very frightened by everything, it took him a few weeks just to bark for the first time! As he slowly gained a little confidence he started becoming very reactive to any people or dogs we would run into while walking him in the neighborhood. He would bark and lunge at anyone as soon as he saw them, even breaking off of a leash one time. It got so bad that we were scared to walk him any place that he might see something and get spooked.

After a particularly bad experience walking him (and being left unsatisfied with our first trainer) I called around and got phone consultations from just about every local dog trainer I could find. After talking to Carla and seeing what she has to offer she was the clear choice. She lives and breathes dogs and has a deep understanding of what makes them tick. Not to mention, for the same average price of JUST private training with other trainers, you get private training, group training, and all training equipment included with Carla! The value she provides simply blows everything else out of the water. I at first thought the group lessons would be something extra that was just kind of tacked on, but they have proved invaluable for helping my reactive dog practice being calm around triggers in a safe and controlled environment.

A month ago when I called Carla I never would have believed that my dog would be as well behaved as he is now (of course, your timeline may vary, every dog is different). Carla is great at figuring out ways to incorporate training into your dogs daily routine so it doesn’t end up taking a bunch of extra time on your end to get results. She equipped me with the knowledge and tools I needed to have the confidence to walk my dog through my busy neighborhood with no fear for his safety or my own. As you can imagine with a trainer as good as Carla and the value that she offers, spots are limited! So if you are having any issues with your dog, don’t wait. Give her a call today! – K. Berry

What else could I possibly add to that? I am grateful for the owners who trust me with their reactive dogs, especially when they put in the work at home and do their best to follow my instructions. Baloo is still a work in progress, but luckily he has a lifetime of learning with his owner ahead.

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