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I have a 7.5 week old Golden Retriever puppy named Parker. I wanted to get a good start with training him so I am working with FluentDog. Head Trainer Carla LaFleur created a puppy obstacle course to teach Parker how to handle challenges that could potentially scare him, such as big umbrellas, crinkly noises, uneven terrain and big boxes. She exposed the puppy to the objects and then let him explore. I have now adapted this learning to my own home where I set up challenges in my condo. The second part of the training involved learning to use a cheerful yes to teach Parker how to do something.

Carla suggested that I use his kibble as a way to turn eating into a learning activity. Now Parker must earn his food! He loves our game which we play three times a day. I call his name. I place the kibble above his head so he must sit down. Then I reward him with the kibble as well as a cheerful YES in an upbeat voice. He now automatically sits in anticipation of a good thing happening. It is amazing how much he loves to do this. I am also working on calling Parker’s name so he will come to me. Carla is a dog wizard. She absolutely understands how canines think and knows how to make training fun for the human and the dog.

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