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Beans the cattle dog from Washington, D.C., first came to FluentDog Training for a board and train program to address his dog reactivity. As an apartment-dwelling high-drive dog, it was very challenging for him to pass other dogs in close proximity, but his owners now have the tools they need to walk him safely, bring him to breweries, and generally incorporate Beans in their life!

Beans is still a frequent visitor to FluentDog Training though–whenever his owners travel, he comes to stay!

FluentDog Training is a great place to board your reactive dog. We are well equipped to handle these dogs safely because our boarding and daycare centers around training. We take the time to practice impulse control at doorways and we insist on good walking manners, so we can maintain your dog’s training, if not improve it, during his or her stay with us. 

We are able to safely integrate even very reactive or fearful dogs in our social groups because we advocate for each dog. We don’t allow dogs to rush up on each other, jump on each other, or hump each other like in your average doggy daycare. That is extremely dangerous and likely to cause a dog fight. We host canine cocktail parties in our yard, not mutt mosh pits! We do not put small dogs (under 35 lb) with large dogs due to the risk of accidental injury. We are able to let dogs out individually if requested, but to date there has not been a dog we were unable to integrate in the pack.

Beans peacefully sniffing a butt

And we don’t nickel and time you for the necessary care your dog needs. If your dog needs to go potty, we take him out. If she needs fitness, we put her on the treadmill or go on a bike ride. If your dog gets sick, we let you know and take him to the vet if you believe that is the best course of action. To do anything other than meet the dog’s mental and physical needs would be inhumane.

An important note: we do not board dogs who have not completed a training program with us. This is for the safety and well being of the dogs. We do not like to have a noisy environment of stressed or overexcited dogs, so they must have a basic foundation of crate training (which we do teach in our lesson and board and train programs). We support our reactive dog owners long after the training program is over by providing a safe haven for their dogs when they go on vacation!

Get in touch if you need help with dog reactivity, obedience training, or you want a trusted place to board your dog after undergoing basic training!

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