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We recently started training our boxer Peanut at 10 months old, with the help of Carla from FluentDog Training. It’s only been one month of training so far, and we can already see a massive difference in Peanut. I can now walk with Peanut by my side, she’s no longer walking me, lol!! It’s amazing!! Peanut is also now a lot more calm around people and other dogs. Peanut knows place and to stay there when we’re having dinner. All these little things have made a huge difference in our lives already.

My husband came home the other day, and he said whatever training you’re doing with Carla is definitely working. I can see a big difference. We took Peanut to an Autocross event with us last Sunday, and she behaved the whole day around other people and from 8am-5pm. It was a long day. Everyone was talking about how well behaved she is for a puppy that is a boxer. They couldn’t believe how she was so calm and well behaved. It was so nice to hear. I couldn’t have got there without the help of Carla. Carla is extremely passionate about what she does and she really understands dog behavior on another level and easy ways to get them to comply with what you want. I can’t rave on about her enough !!

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