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Our puppy programs are for dogs 5 months and younger. See here for our adult dog training programs.

Essential Puppy Training

Do you want to get your puppy off to a great start in life? To have a plan for potty training, and know you’re following a system that works? This program will give your puppy good manners and builds on that foundation as they grow. We’ll guide you through the sleepless first few weeks of puppy life and teach you and your dog how to enjoy life together in the house and around the neighborhood.

This program is typically completed in 2-3 private lessons and includes:

* Access to 1  month of group training to socialize your puppy
* Manners like waiting at the doors, not jumping on people, crate training and more
* 6 months of virtual training support so you can always get questions answered as they occur at home
* Essential commands for everyday life: leave it, drop it, coming when called around the house, walking without pulling, and staying calm when asked.
* All training equipment included

Puppy Charm School

Our Puppy Charm School goes beyond basic manners. If you want to share more of your life with your puppy and have confidence they will listen to commands, this is the program for you. We’ll show you how to avoid common behavior issues and eventually get your pup to eagerly follow commands the first time you ask. No more “sit…Sit… SIT!!!” 

Our program is structured differently than other puppy training classes. This program begins with 6 private puppy training lessons so you and your puppy learn to communicate before jumping into a distracting group setting.

Once your dog has basic skills, it’s time to advance to group training sessions so your puppy can learn to listen in a more challenging environment. We support you every step of the way so you can achieve your training goals. Before long, you’ll be able to bring your well-mannered dog to public areas with ease because you have the control you need.

This program is typically completed in 6-7 private lessons and includes:

* Manners like waiting at doors, not jumping on people or stealing food off counters, crate training, staying calm when asked, and more… 

* Access to 1 year of  group classes to socialize your puppy, and teach your adolescent dog how to listen around distractions

* Listening around the house off leash and with distractions

* Teaches leave it, drop it, come when called offleash, walking without pulling, sit, down, place (stay on their bed).

* Lifetime virtual training support

* All training equipment included

The Perfect Puppy Training Program

In the Perfect Puppy Program, you’ll get training help during the entire first year of your puppy’s life–from potty training and teething through teenage rebellion and beyond!

The program begins with private lessons at our facility, so you can learn how to integrate your puppy in your household in a way that AVOIDS training problems rather than reacting to problems after they occur. It’s best to be proactive and set up your puppy for success! We’ll also cover the key obedience commands you can use to communicate with your dog every day: sit, down, come, stay, leave it, place and walking on a loose leash.

Not only will we make sure your dog has excellent house manners and listens to you even around distractions, we’ll also make sure your dog listens when they don’t have a leash on…

Which is awesome because most family dogs spend 99% of the time off-leash at home. You’ll be able to get them to listen without having to physically be near them. 

We teach offleash skills in a Monday-Friday training camp once your pup is 6 months or older. This way your pup can progress quickly with a professional trainer, and you won’t have to spend too much time away from your dog. Your dog will stay overnight from Monday until Friday, when you’ll pick him or her up and have a lesson covering new skills. When you drop off your dog on the next Monday, we’ll pick up training and focus on any areas you may have struggled with over the weekend.

The capstone is the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. When you feel ready as a team, you have the opportunity to test your obedience skills around other dogs and people and earn your first AKC title together.

Our Perfect Puppy Training Program also comes with a LIFETIME support guarantee so you never have to worry about your dog’s training slipping over time. You and your dog can always come by for a refresher lesson, free of charge, whether you need help or you just want help teaching your dog cool tricks (maybe even earn some Trick Dog titles with the AKC!)

This program includes:

  • 6 puppy training lessons
  • 10 days of overnight training camp at our facility (split over 2 weeks, with your dog coming home to you on weekends)
  • Lifetime invitation to join group polishing classes to practice around other trained dogs 
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen test
  • Lifetime Support via live private lessons and access to the private client Facebook group
  • All training equipment included

Skills covered:

  • Manners like waiting at doors, not jumping on people or stealing food off counters, crate training, staying calm when asked and more
  • Listening around the house AND in public off-leash, and around heavy distractions
  • Teaches leave it, drop it, come when called offleash, walking without pulling, sit, down, stay, place (stay on their bed).

Our puppy programs begin at $725.

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