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Feeling overwhelmed trying to manage sales, onboarding, and scheduling...all those business things that get in the way of ACTUALLY TRAINING??

Well...what are you waiting for?!

Sign up for the Honeybook for Dog Trainers workshop, where I'll show you exactly how I use Honeybook in my business.

Honeybook is a client relationship management (CRM) software that allows you to make really gorgeous brochures and automate a lot of the onboarding process for clients. Of course, there are other CRM services out there. This is not about those.  I have helped several trainers already to get started on Honeybook and this 1 hr training will show you:

⏱ how to get clients to schedule themselves on your calendar

🤑 how to get clients to pay you up front, sign contracts online and make payment plans super easy

☑️ how to easily keep track of client notes, vaccinations and where each client is in their training program

🤖 an automation sequence that will get you and your client on the same page before you ever meet

For $50, that’s a pretty good investment in your business!

To get the video, just provide your name and email. Honeybook will handle the rest!

I did a "Get Started" guide in Honeybook with my service dog group!!! What a difference it made. People were prepared, ready to learn.
T. Keck
PocketSuite wasn't really doing it for me. So I need to do something better. Something easier. Something more manageable, something for a small business like mine that I can just go on, send an invoice, get paid, put it to the bank account of the business and be done with it!
S. Welsh
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