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FluentDog Favorites

Training Treats

Happy Howies

Polly-Os string cheese

Treat pouch


I prefer to give raw chews because they are healthy, clean the dog’s teeth and are fully digestible. Make sure to supervise just in case though!

Duck feet

Peanut butter chews 

Dried fish skin

Tripe (smells AWFUL. Ten times worse than bully sticks. But supposedly really good for dogs and they love them)

Beef trachea (you can fill these with peanut butter, sweet potato, pumpkin, etc. and freeze to last longer)

Turkey or chicken necks

Crate-safe chews


Crate Covers

A crate cover can help your dog calm down, like putting a cover on a birdcage. An old sheet works just fine, but if you want the cover to be pretty…


Chuck It 

Tug toys (DIY)

Training vest

True Huntress Sporting Vest

Pet gates

I use the freestanding ones and they are really easy, but whatever kind of gate you like and works with your home decor is fine!

The retractable pet gates are cool because they are inconspicuous when not in use, but I’d recommend getting a pro to install them. 

Impact crate

(for escape artists and for dog safety in a car accident)

Ruffland Kennels

Training Equipment

Transitional Leash

Martingale collars

Prong collar: Herm Sprenger brand

E-collar: Mini Educator

Bark Collars:

Garmin Barklimiter 2 (discontinued, but if you can find it; it has a great app so you know exactly when your dog barked and you can fully customize vibrate, stim, and tone settings to your preference)

Sportdog NoBark SBC-R: also fully customizable

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