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Success Stories

I am a first time dog-owner and thus have no experience training a dog. Our Corgi puppy was soooo cute, but unruly. She howled when in the crate, didn’t like the family being on different floors in the house and wouldn’t settle down. She was reactive on the leash when cars and trucks went by […]

I have a 7.5 week old Golden Retriever puppy named Parker. I wanted to get a good start with training him so I am working with FluentDog. Head Trainer Carla LaFleur created a puppy obstacle course to teach Parker how to handle challenges that could potentially scare him, such as big umbrellas, crinkly noises, uneven […]

Dog Training

Carla is amazing. Scotty was kicked out of his original school with his first trainer due to his behavioral issues. Carla took him on without hesitation and immediately made me feel comfortable that we would have success. After consistently having negative experiences walking and at the house with guests we are having more relaxed walks […]

Fluent Dog Training has been life changing for us! We could not walk more than 1 block away from our house without our dog going crazy and out of control. I had tried everything I read/watched online but nothing really worked. I interviewed many trainers before starting the training with Carla. It has not even […]

After searching for recommendations from friends, family, and neighbors we found FluentDog to help our dog. We are not nearly finished with the sessions yet but we are already seeing dramatic results. Carla is very knowledgeable and knows how to read dog and owners language. We spent an extensive amount of time doing research and […]

One weekend this spring I was lucky enough to train two Dobermans (or Dobermen, as I prefer to call them!) at the same time. It was fascinating to see the training process of the same breed–but at different ages and different training goals. Scotty the Doberman from Montgomery Village Scotty was a 5 year old […]

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