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Success Stories
Three dogs sleeping on the floor, not barking

One of the most common reasons pet owners reach out is to get their dog to stop barking. Whether it’s stopping barking at other dogs, house guests, or squirrels out the window, what most owners don’t realize is that stopping barking should actually not be the end goal. Huh? Barking is a SYMPTOM, not usually […]

Reactive dog yawning

Baloo the Shepherd Mix from Damascus, MD made his presence known long before we could see him for his first lesson. Pacing, howling, frantically leaping at the end of the leash–check, check, check. Baloo had all of the hallmarks of dog reactivity. Human or dog reactivity is one of the MOST common reasons people reach […]

Charlie the Golden Retriever from Potomac, MD came to FluentDog at 4 months old because he was growling and starting to show signs of resource guarding–when a dog acts aggressively when you take away a valued item.  His owners, busy parents, were of course concerned because they did not know if this was normal puppy […]

Max, an Australian Shepherd mix, was FluentDog Training’s first-ever client. One day, his owner saw me playing with my own dog offleash in a field (safely, thanks to his ecollar training!), and she asked me if I could help with her dog Max. “Well, I’m not really a dog trainer…but sure!” I had been competing […]

Dog Training

We got Storm, a Siberian Husky at 5 months old, I found Carla online after struggling with Storm not being able to behave around the house, biting everything, jumping at people and unable to be calmed, there was no way to find peace when Storm was out of his crate. I found Carla online, after […]

We are ecstatic with Harley’s (9 mo old GSD) behavior after working with Carla @ FluentDog training. FluentDog allowed for my husband, me, and Harley to be trained simultaneously at a location of our choosing. Carla’s methods calm our dog and improve our communication which has greatly improved Harley’s behavior. We had FluentDog come to […]

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