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Why Choose a Board and Train at FluentDog?

Board and Train

You may be nervous about sending your dog to a board-and-train program for two or three weeks. That’s understandable! But as a trainer, I have seen the process through many times and I know I can deliver a certain level of results within a certain time frame.

When you take private lessons with your dog, you are learning as your dog is learning, and you only have one dog to practice with.

I have had well over 100 board-and-train dogs and thousands of hours training, so I am able to teach dogs basic obedience skills much more efficiently than I did with my first, second, third or fifth dog.

You can find the detailed Board and Train program descriptions here.

The proof is in the results owners enjoy with their dogs every day! Check out what some of our clients have to say:

“After he got out of her boarding program, just 2 weeks, Storm is a totally different dog, it’s nice to be able to sit with him and just watch TV without worrying he’s going to tear the house down. Walking him outside is relaxing now, there is no pulling and jumping at other dogs or people.”
– J. de la Cruz

“Fluent Dog is incredible. Here’s the email I recently sent Carla after our dog trained with her for two weeks: Who is this dog you gave us and where is Jersey? He doesn’t bark at people or dogs on walks. He doesn’t pull on the leash. He is affectionate and underfoot but not into pulling things off counters or going into the bathroom to wreak havoc. He listens and stays calm. Miracle worker!”
– T. Taylor

“Annie has been back home with us for a week now & we can not stress how much we appreciate Carla, her training methods & the tools she has given us to live in harmony with our sweet Annie.” – B. Deyhle

Where will my dog be during the board-and-train?

We have 6 acres in peaceful Ijamsville, Maryland, with plentiful indoor and outdoor training areas, including one that is climate controlled and video monitored overnight. That’s where I spend most of my day with the dogs in training!

Here is a brief tour of our grounds and “canine cottage”:

What will my dog do each day?

Our day starts at 7:30am, letting out the dogs for a quick potty. We prepare breakfast for the dogs (we accept up to 8 at a time). Boarding dogs eat 2-3 meals per day and training dogs earn their meals throughout the day as part of their training.

If you are new to dog training, a board and train makes the learning curve easier when you get home, because the dog already has some knowledge of the commands, and we will teach you how to maintain them for life. Board and trains cost more than private lessons because you are paying for me to treat your dog like my own–3+ walks a day, and several short training sessions per day. I also video my training sessions and provide frequent updates to owners via the private client Facebook group.

Board and trains are great if you need to board your dog while you go on vacation, and you want her to learn some obedience skills while at training camp!

However, it’s important to have realistic expectations. Board and trains are not a magic pill. If you don’t maintain the training at home, neither will your dog. Some severe behavior issues (particularly anxiety, reactivity and aggression) take time, and are measured in “improvement” rather than “cured”.

That’s why we offer generous follow-up support, such as weekly group lessons and private lessons included in your board-and-train program. We give you all the knowledge and resources you’ll need to get your dog to behave just as well for you as for the trainer.

Interested in doing a Board and Train? Schedule a call to learn more about what is included in FluentDog training packages.

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