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I was walking the other day with Loki and he is doing so good meeting other dogs. One of our neighbors walking her dog said: your Chihuahua is so good, others always bark at us!

Storm learning to come when called offleash!

We got Storm, a Siberian Husky at 5 months old, I found Carla online after struggling with Storm not being able to behave around the house, biting everything, jumping at people and unable to be calmed, there was no way to find peace when Storm was out of his crate.

I found Carla online, after he got out of her boarding program, just 2 weeks, Storm is a totally different dog, it’s nice to be able to sit with him and just watch TV without worrying he’s going to tear the house down. Walking him outside is relaxing now, there is no pulling and jumping at other dogs or people.

Some online blogs say Huskies cannot be trained; thanks to Carla I can say that is not true. We are so much happier with our dog thanks to her. I don’t do much of public reviews, but I have to say FluentDog has definitely my highest recommendation.

We are ecstatic with Harley’s (9 mo old GSD) behavior after working with Carla @ FluentDog training. FluentDog allowed for my husband, me, and Harley to be trained simultaneously at a location of our choosing.

Carla’s methods calm our dog and improve our communication which has greatly improved Harley’s behavior.

We had FluentDog come to our home so Harley’s behavior can be corrected in the environment it is occurring.

We had previously traveled to a different company’s training facility to learn basic manners but as soon as we were home Harley reverted to his mischief. With FluentDog, Harley knows how to behave at home now.

Carla went above and beyond and also helped us with other dogs in our pack so Harley can get integrated. Our doggies are better because of Carla at FluentDog training.
-Elizabeth Church

I am a first time dog-owner and thus have no experience training a dog. Our Corgi puppy was soooo cute, but unruly. She howled when in the crate, didn’t like the family being on different floors in the house and wouldn’t settle down. She was reactive on the leash when cars and trucks went by and was too excited when people walked by. Carla helped Brie tolerate cars and trucks with the transitional leash. Now she walks without pulling (or I remind her and she listens), finds her “place” in the house (an elevated cot) and will settle down when asked or even on her own. She likes her crate and sleeps there every night now!

The crate training and the leash training has changed my life.

And Brie is far more respectful of us – she settles down when we ask, or she goes in the crate.
-Noreen Kilby

I have a 7.5 week old Golden Retriever puppy named Parker. I wanted to get a good start with training him so I am working with FluentDog. Head Trainer Carla LaFleur created a puppy obstacle course to teach Parker how to handle challenges that could potentially scare him, such as big umbrellas, crinkly noises, uneven terrain and big boxes. She exposed the puppy to the objects and then let him explore. I have now adapted this learning to my own home where I set up challenges in my condo. The second part of the training involved learning to use a cheerful yes to teach Parker how to do something.

Carla suggested that I use his kibble as a way to turn eating into a learning activity. Now Parker must earn his food! He loves our game which we play three times a day. I call his name. I place the kibble above his head so he must sit down. Then I reward him with the kibble as well as a cheerful YES in an upbeat voice. He now automatically sits in anticipation of a good thing happening. It is amazing how much he loves to do this. I am also working on calling Parker’s name so he will come to me. Carla is a dog wizard. She absolutely understands how canines think and knows how to make training fun for the human and the dog.

Scotty even learned how to walk on a treadmill for exercise and stand on a platform to have his nails trimmed with ease!

Carla is amazing. Scotty was kicked out of his original school with his first trainer due to his behavioral issues. Carla took him on without hesitation and immediately made me feel comfortable that we would have success. After consistently having negative experiences walking and at the house with guests we are having more relaxed walks and the guests are not harassed like they were in the past. He is much more patient and waits to be invited into your space, huge difference.

We are now introducing Scotty to other dogs again and he is excited to interact which was not the case in the past. The most impressive quality of hers is that she doesn’t give up. I don’t have to call her, she contacts me to continue the work. Her videos online are real and she works hard to get results. Carla will train all of my dogs in the future and I look forward to her continued guidance with Scotty!

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