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Carla is extremely knowledgeable and can understand dog behavior very well and its obvious she LOVES dogs.
The most impressive quality of hers is that she doesn't give up...Her videos online are real and she works hard to get results. Carla will train all of my dogs in the future and I look forward to her continued guidance with Scotty!

About Carla LaFleur
I’ve always been an animal lover, and I’ve trained every animal I’ve ever had:  dogs, cats, horses, lovebirds and even a Betta fish who I taught to swim through a hoop on cue.  

Even though I had always trained my animals myself,  when I got a Golden Retriever puppy, I invested in formal training. I wanted to learn more so my dog could be a reliable offleash companion while trail riding with my horse. Once I took him to training, I realized so much more was possible! My dog thrived because we had a strong communication system. I was able to teach him many different behaviors, but more importantly–I was able to trust him to enjoy off-leash freedom because I knew I could call him back to me in an instant! 

I started an unofficial training club in my neighborhood and started fostering German Shepherds. I devoured all the dog training  education I could fit in, and I still do, in order to provide the most current, humane training advice to my clients. In April 2022, I graduated from the NePoPo® Gold School. NePoPo® is a training system that teaches dogs to perform on cue, every time, with heart and soul, keeping animal welfare central to everything we do. It combines the best of modern and traditional training methods, resulting in a dog who loves to work and is not demotivated by a correction, but rather goes into the correct behavior. Learn more about the NePoPo® system here!

My dog Calvin and I have enjoyed AKC obedience competitions, bikejoring and even teaching classes at Capital Dog Training Club. I am also an AKC-certified Canine Good Citizen evaluator.

Now, Calvin and I spend our time teaching dogs and owners how to become fluent in each others’ language so they can enjoy spending time together even more than they already do!

Certifications:  Pet Tech First Aid, AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, NePoPo® Gold School graduate, NePoPo® Electronic Collar Training Certification

AKC Titles Achieved: Canine Good Citizen Advanced, Beginner Novice, Companion Dog, Trick Dog Intermediate

IGP Titles Achieved: Begelithund

Here's what clients have to say about working with me...

We were blown away

At 15 months of age our German Shepherd was becoming strong willed & difficult to walk. She started showing aggression towards other dogs and had the bad habit of nipping ankles & jumping up on folks to get attention. We dropped Annie off for 2 weeks & watched Carla work miracles overnight. Wow!  We looked forward to the daily videos & were blown away at the success Annie was having. Annie has been back home with us for a week now & we can not stress how much we appreciate Carla, her training methods & the tools she has given us to live in harmony with our sweet Annie.

Barbara D.

Learning so much in a short amount of time

We are not nearly finished with the sessions yet but we are already seeing dramatic results. Carla is very knowledgeable and knows how to read dog and owners’ language.

Pablo F.

Everyone was talking about how well behaved my boxer puppy was at an autocross event!

Carla is extremely passionate about what she does and she really understands dog behavior on another level and easy ways to get them to comply with what you want. I can’t rave on about her enough !!

Niki S.

I can see a huge improvement

Carla was excellent to work with. She structured each of our sessions to build up fundamental skills with our new puppy, but also left enough space for us to work on specific issues as they arose. The lessons were constructive and gave our family specific things to practice over the week between sessions. I can see a huge improvement in our puppy over the five weeks we worked with Carla!

Carolyn S.

Helped with significant behavior issues

We had significant problems and she patiently worked through them with us. One pup was boarded for three weeks and then she did in-home services with the other. Highly recommend.

Janelle W.

Prompt, professional, easy to work with

I could tell right away that she loves dogs and knows how to speak their language. Every day I got pictures and videos of the training progress being made as well as just some fun, happy doggy pics and vids. Upon return, Carla took the time to teach us exactly what worked for Harper and gave us all the tools to continue the progress at home. Carla was prompt, professional, quick to respond, well-spoken, and easy to work with. She also picked up and dropped off—big bonus for a busy mom of 5.

Kerri C.

She was terrific.

She is gentle and lovely with the dogs who clearly love her and it is very mutual. She answered all our questions, including email questions after hours — and she was easy to learn from.

Lynn C.

I would love to help your dog become the calm, controlled, and happy companion you envisioned when you became a dog owner.

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