I'll help bring you from "He's a good dog, but..." to
"Wow...are you sure that's my dog?"

I love that moment when owners realize their dog can actually behave!
Carla LaFleur and her Golden Retriever, Calvin
Carla LaFleur and Calvin win the class and achieve their first title together at Oriole Dog Training Club.

About Carla LaFleur
I’ve always been an animal lover, and I’ve trained every animal I’ve ever had:  dogs, cats, horses, lovebirds and even a Betta fish who I taught to swim through a hoop on cue.  

Even though I had always trained my animals myself,  when I got a Golden Retriever puppy, I invested in formal training. I wanted to learn more so my dog could be a reliable offleash companion while trail riding with my horse. Once I took him to training, I realized so much more was possible! My dog thrived because we had a strong communication system. I was able to teach him many different behaviors, but more importantly–I was able to trust him to enjoy off-leash freedom because I knew I could call him back to me in an instant! 

I started an unofficial training club in my neighborhood and started fostering German Shepherds. I devoured all the dog training  education I could fit in. Calvin and I went on to enjoy AKC obedience competitions, bikejoring and even teaching classes at Capital Dog Training Club.

AKC Titles Achieved: Canine Good Citizen, Beginner Novice, Companion Dog, Trick Dog Intermediate