Welcome! FluentDog Training is a balanced dog trainer serving Montgomery County, Maryland. 

Do you want a dog who…

  • Doesn’t pull you on walks?
  • Doesn’t jump on people?
  • Comes when called?
  • Knows how to settle and be calm?
  • Will listen to you when it’s most important?

We can help, even if you have tried other training methods that didn’t work.

Obedience is not about tricks–it’s about creating a way to communicate with your dog in everyday situations.

Dog training that works!

Do you love your dog…but wish he or she just listened better?

We love working with people who are new dog owners. We can help you build a strong foundation of communication to avoid behavior problems.


If you already have a dog, we can help you to solve common issues like pulling on the leash, jumping, stealing food off countertops and overexcitement. 

As any good dog trainer will tell you…dog training is really people training. (You have to live with the dog, not us!) If you want to work with FluentDog, be prepared to change your habits for the better, and practice with your dog regularly–at least twice a day for 5-10 minutes a session. 

Carla with Boxer
As a puppy, Jake was WILD! With training, he became a gentle giant who brought so much joy to everyone he met.

I can see a huge improvement

Carla was excellent to work with. She structured each of our sessions to build up fundamental skills with our new puppy, but also left enough space for us to work on specific issues as they arose. The lessons were constructive and gave our family specific things to practice over the week between sessions. I can see a huge improvement in our puppy over the five weeks we worked with Carla!

Carolyn S.

They look happier.

Strange but this training seems to make them more relaxed or tired. I’m really surprised that Tonka and Gabe aren’t barking at people, cars and dogs. The work that you are doing will help our family immensely. They are awesome dogs but the disruptive barking and not listening was becoming hard to handle for others.

Frid E.

Ongoing support

I was kind of lost in how to achieve the behavior I wanted in my dog but Carla always knew exactly what to do. She was very knowledgeable. She picked up dropped off which was great and she sent me pictures and videos everyday. One of the really awesome things about Carla was that she continued to support me even after Niko was done with his training!

Kaylia B.

Nothing better than well-trained dogs.

We had significant problems and she patiently worked through them with us. One pup was boarded for three weeks and then she did in-home services with the other. Highly recommend.

Janelle W.

A completely new dog!

After serious research around dog trainers in the area to address the issues of our well-meaning, yet badly behaved Puggle, we landed on Carla at FluentDog Training. Let me say this, we are glad that we did! We sent Riley for two weeks with her and he returned as if he never committed his old behaviors! He now follows directions on cue and relaxes when it’s time to.

Elijah W.

Prompt, professional, easy to work with

I could tell right away that she loves dogs and knows how to speak their language. Every day I got pictures and videos of the training progress being made as well as just some fun, happy doggy pics and vids. Upon return, Carla took the time to teach us exactly what worked for Harper and gave us all the tools to continue the progress at home. Carla was prompt, professional, quick to respond, well-spoken, and easy to work with. She also picked up and dropped off—big bonus for a busy mom of 5.

Kerri C.

Extremely patient, so knowledgeable

We did all our training virtually through FaceTime due to CoVID and honestly the sessions flew by – we were able to get feedback on our training for that week and go over cues and tips and also get great hands on examples and work from Carla’s awesome dog Calvin. Carla was extremely patient, so knowledgeable and went above and beyond to provide us with videos, her own experiences, training materials (even dropping off leashes and treats for training exercises!) and really quelled our anxieties.

Nick C.

She was terrific.

She is gentle and lovely with the dogs who clearly love her and it is very mutual. She answered all our questions, including email questions after hours — and she was easy to learn from.

Lynn C.

Clear expectations for dog and handler

She uses a combination of positive reinforcement and redirection techniques in order to build your dog’s attention and build your owner/handler relationship with your dog. Carla sets clear expectations for both the dog and the owner and is transparent about the fact that the most important component to her training (or any training for that matter) is your commitment and daily dedication of time to practice on your own with your dog at home.

Jen C.

Sidney learned to control her destructive impulses

Sidney had trouble walking on leash, staying focused, and listening to commands, especially when they came from me. Carla worked with Sidney independently and worked with us together to improve control and obedience. She adapted exercises and instructions according to our needs and goals. Over time, Sidney learned to control her destructive impulses and respect my commands and presence. Highly recommend Carla- she’s great to work with!

Andra S.