Dog Training That Works in Gaithersburg, MD

Do you love your dog, but you wish they would…

  • Walk nicely without dragging you down the street?
  • Stop jumping on people?
  • Learn to settle down and be calm?
  • Just  follow commands more consistently?

We can help, even if you have tried other training methods that didn’t work.

Don’t struggle in a group class or on your own. We’re here so you can finally have a happy, yet controllable dog!


Dog training that works!
Just ask our past clients.

I can see a huge improvement

Carla was excellent to work with. She structured each of our sessions to build up fundamental skills with our new puppy, but also left enough space for us to work on specific issues as they arose. The lessons were constructive and gave our family specific things to practice over the week between sessions. I can see a huge improvement in our puppy over the five weeks we worked with Carla!

Carolyn S.

Helped with significant behavior issues

We had significant problems and she patiently worked through them with us. One pup was boarded for three weeks and then she did in-home services with the other. Highly recommend.

Janelle W.

Prompt, professional, easy to work with

I could tell right away that she loves dogs and knows how to speak their language. Every day I got pictures and videos of the training progress being made as well as just some fun, happy doggy pics and vids. Upon return, Carla took the time to teach us exactly what worked for Harper and gave us all the tools to continue the progress at home. Carla was prompt, professional, quick to respond, well-spoken, and easy to work with. She also picked up and dropped off—big bonus for a busy mom of 5.

Kerri C.

She was terrific.

She is gentle and lovely with the dogs who clearly love her and it is very mutual. She answered all our questions, including email questions after hours — and she was easy to learn from.

Lynn C.

Trainer Carla with her dog Calvin. Imagine trusting your dog to stay with you offleash! We'll teach you how to get better behavior from your dog than you ever thought possible.